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A little something about myself:


I was born in the autumn of  1963.

Currently I'm professionally active as a psychotherapist/counsellor, working at my home in the Flemish countryside. I also work as a supervisor and teacher for doctors, psychologists and nurses in the palliative, oncologic and neurologic healthcare.

For many years I was the chief Coordinator at The Foundation, a charity established to offer a network of volunteers to provide personalized emotional and practical support for people with Aids in Belgium.

And there is also voluntary work as the president of 'Without Walls', a charity which promotes restorative justice. 

As a "Two Soul", recognising the importance of Non-Binary, I try to help as much as possible to introduce this (non) gender-identity to professional counsellors.... That's why I love giving lectures and workshops about the magical journey of "Robin & Rudyard"...

Away from work I enjoy acquiring small antiques and artworks, my anglophile inclinations attracting me particularly to the “Golden Age” of children’s illustrated books. I 'm also passionate about nature and mysticism and the balances between the two.

I find songwriting and writing to be a challenging but very satisfying outlet for my creativity and am currently developing ideas for future novels.

Oh... and in case you haven't noticed... I'm very fond of foxes!


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